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Our space is designed to provide this opportunity as well. The design of the restaurant comes from thoughtful attention to movement, flow, spirit, exploration, community, play, expansion and comfort. The color palette was chosen from an Ute indian rug, using a dark brown on the floor to provide a grounding effect. The layout was designed around the flow of water to make your experience as easy and fluid as possible. The seating is mostly communal to hopefully inspire interactivity.

The art is intended to be a participatory experience. All of the art on the walls is interactive. It is meant to be touched, played or played with, added to, manipulated, changed and evolved. Please feel comfortable using it. When appropriate the staff of The Dispensary will offer up opportunities for our customers to interact in a form of play! This will look like very small, improvisational “vignettes”. There is no pressure for you to participate, your experience is your responsibility!


The Dispensary is an exploration. We have many lofty goals. It is the beginning of what I call Conscious Entrepreneurism. We are actively working to create a space where our customers have an opportunity to leave, at their core, happier than when they arrived. The interwoven fabric of the various elements of the restaurant will work to create a space that provide this opportunity.

The food is the first element, including mostly local ingredients. What we cant find locally, we source to ensure they are Organic and GMO free. We give gratitude to all of the ingredients, treating them with the respect they deserve to ensure the most flavorful food and healthfulness. This approach means that our recipes vary a bit by season not only in flavor but also in the ingredients we use.


Our earth’s environment is of utmost importance to our mission. Without a clean and clear environment, humanity can’t evolve smoothly. We use exclusively LED lighting and only wind power. We have no disposable items in the restaurant and what we use for take out is biodegradable. Our napkins and aprons are made of organic hemp. All of our food waste is recycled, with pre-guest waste going into “pup pies” and post-guest waste being donated to local pig farms. We offer alternative crusts to our Pot Pies, using Cricket flour for its water wise and energy wise calories and protein. We offer a variety of vegetarian and vegan options, and strive to be zero landfill, throwing away only broken service wear.


54 W 1700s Suite B

Salt Lake City, UT 84115

PHONE : (385)429-0917